Lumbar Decompression Belt

"This is a wonderful product! I've had spinal arthritis for 30 years but still have my own landscape business. I can tell when my pain results from a pinched nerve or muscle fatigue, this belt has helped so much in just a short time.
I wear it about an hour everyday and can feel the difference! AMAZING!! I've only had this belt for about a month but have recommended it to several friends. Great value for money!"

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Lennie D. - ✅ Verified

TheLumbar Decompression Belt is the most widely recommended professional back decompression device used by chiropractors and physiotherapists worldwide. The innovative technology allows this device to be both easy-to-use and incredibly useful.

What is it used for?

The belt helps hold the midsection together and stabilize your spine and muscles. With such support, you will stand taller and straighter because it helps stop you from slouching. That not only helps improve your posture but also helps reduce pain and strain on your back.


✅ Sciatica

✅ Herniated/Bulging Discs

✅ Degenerative Disc

✅ Lumbar acute/chronic sprain

✅ Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis

✅ Compression fracture in the lumbar region

✅ Low back pain due to physical or physiological conditions

✅ Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and long hours of driving.

How does it work?

Decompression of Lower Back Joints & Spinal Discs:

The decompression belt stretches and retracts the lower back as it inflates with air. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs. Decompression helps relieve pressure off pinched nerves, degenerative, herniated, and bulging discs. Relieving pressure allows degenerative discs to get the water, oxygen, and nutrients required for faster healing. It permits herniated and bulging discs to return to their normal position and condition. Reducing the construction on pinched nerves such as the sciatic nerve to help relieve shooting pains.

Lift & Keep Upper Body Weight Off Lower Back:

The Decompression Belt is not just a regular back support belt. When it is inflated, it increases in height by 4 inches (7.5cm). The belt cradles the hip and the lower rib cage. It helps lift your upper body, unloading the lower back's weight and allowing the muscles to relax. In doing so, the belt helps decrease pressure on your back, stretches tight muscles, and decompresses the discs. Less stress means less pain.

Stabilizes Lower Back & Improves Posture:

With aging, regular wear and tear, degenerative, and herniated discs, the back can become unstable. Bending forward can trigger severe back pain and muscle spasms because the muscles are working hard to hold the spine together. The Decompression Belt helps prevent this from occurring by providing vital support and stabilization for the lower back. The belt helps hold your midsection together to help support and stabilize your spine and muscles. With such support, you will stand taller and straighter because it helps stop you from slouching. That does not only help improve your posture, but also relieves the strain and pain on your back.


  • Do you suffer from chronic back problems?
  • Is your back pain affecting your quality of life by damaging your sleep or focus?
  • Have you tried to make the necessary lifestyle changes but have struggled to stick to them or seen little to no improvement in your back?
  • Are you concerned that your back issues will lead to serious long term physical and mental health problems?
  • Have you seen chiropractors in the past but find them an unnecessary expense?
The answer to your problems is the Lumbar Decompression Belt.

A low cost and effective way to decompress the spine and relieve lumbar pressure, in turn giving you back your life.



Length: 115cm with extension belt 25cm

Belt Weight: 280g

Width before inflation: 13cm

Width after inflation: 20cm

 Package Included:

1 X Traction belt
1 X Air pump
1 X Extend belt
1 X Use manual


How Long Do I Have To Wear The Belt?

It is highly encouraged that you wear it 3-4 times for a maximum of 30 minutes per day.

Wearing the belt while doing daily activities will allow you to do work comfortably.

Can I Wear It Under My Clothes?

The belt is discreet, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Wear a thin shirt or tank top, then wear your regular shirt over it, and you’re good to go!

This is why wearing the belt throughout the day isn’t a hassle, aesthetically, and you can go on with your daily activities without worrying about back pain.

Why Does The Belt Have To Fit So Firmly Around The Waist?

When worn loosely, the belt may slip and won’t serve its purpose. The belt will be filled with air, allowing it to stretch and add traction to relieve pain and tension gently. Wearing it firmly will enable the belt to do its function effectively.


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