MagicBrush™ - Portable Cleanser

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"Love this little brush! It’s super cute! So much better than the foreo! I’ve been using this for a week and have noticed that my skin has been clearing up because this does a nice job at deeply cleansing the skin!"


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Deep Clean + De-aging Massage + Exfoliation = MagicBrush™

It’s becoming harder for us women to maintain healthy glowing skin with pollution increasing every day. It’s like a mission impossible. The MagicBrush™ comes to give you the solution.

MagicBrush™ the world’s first sonic massaging cleanser that comes with magnetic therapy and perfect for all skin types. It’s a dual-delivery formula: the softest flower-shaped cleanser made of ultra-hygienic silicone, infused with rotating magnetic beads, thoroughly removes 99% of dirt, blackheads, oil, makeup, and dead skin. Magnetic massage restores and rejuvenates your cells, giving you an unprecedented cleanliness level with no irritation whatsoever. 


✅ Minimize aging, tighten the skin and amplify cleaning effects:  Experience excellent massage and magnetic rejuvenation as two rotating magnetic fields pulsations reach down into your pores to soften your skin and increase activation of essential enzymes.

✅ Does not damage even the most sensitive skin: MagicBrush™ made for all skin types ranging from extremely sensitive to oily.  

✅ 4 Function Modes: The MagicBrush™ has four operating modes, fully adjustable according to your needs. You can easily modify the intensity of its vibrations with the press of a single button!.

Rechargeable & Waterproof: MagicBrush™ has a fully waterproof IPX7 design. Also, it comes with a magnetic base for rapid and effective charging. 

✅ Take it anywhere: MagicBrush™ sleek and elegant design allows you to perform your skincare routine anywhere without feeling conscious. 

Perfect Gift: MagicBrush™  is the ideal gift for your friends, family for any occasion.

 How It Works:

The MagicBrush™ removes acne scars and prevents blackheads, thanks to its rotating bead system. Simply, it will leave your skin soft and supple in a matter of seconds.

You can choose from 4 adjustable settings according to your skin type.:

- Mode 1: Vibration is weak; rotating magnetic beads are turned on.
- Mode 2: Strong vibration, rotating magnetic beads open
- Mode 3: Vibration off, rotating dot on.
- Mode 4: Strong point vibration, rotating magnetic beads off.

For sensitive skin: We advise you to use a gentle setting.

For normal skin: If your face doesn’t break out quickly, you can use a higher setting and see the results for yourself.

You’ll fall in love instantly with the fantastic results this face cleanser provides!

Questions and Answers:

Q: Can it damage my skin?
A: MagicBrush™ doesn't cause any damage, even to the most sensitive skin.
Q: Can you use a facial brush if you have acne?
A: You can use a face-cleansing brush if you have acne or breakouts. The MagicBrush™ helps remove excess dirt and oil from your skin by penetrating deep into your pores. That helps keep your skin clear. Furthermore, if you are applying a medicated cream or ointment to treat acne, removing dead skin cells may allow deeper penetration of the medicine.
Q: How to take care of MagicBrush™?
A: It is as simple as washing it with soap after every use
Q: Does your brush uses FDA approved silicone?
A: Yes
Q: How often can it be used?
A: 2 times per day is enough, although you can start with just one user per day and see how it goes for you.


Every day, your face collects dirt from all around you, making you lose your glowing and youthful look! And with tight schedules, it’s hard to cleanse your face manually! It’s hard work and consuming, and you don’t get the results you want.

That’s why you need to glow and use the  MagicBrush™ to deep clean your nose and eye area and give your face a nice massage.


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