'Marley Play' Mesh Velcro Summer Sandals

Shoe Size

The sandal with the security of a sport sneaker, the comfort of a mesh sneaker, and the styling of spring/summer classic with the DNA of a favorite: The Marley Mesh. 

The measurements are below. Due to this shoe being available from baby to toddler, the sizing number is not equivalent to what you normally have; please review the measurements and order accordingly. 

21 (Insole 13.5CM)
22 (Insole 14.0CM)
23 (Insole 14.6CM)
24 (Insole 15.2CM)
25 (Insole 15.7CM)
26 (Insole 16.5CM)
27 (Insole 17.0CM)
29 (Insole 18.0CM)
28 (Insole 17.5CM)
30 (Insole 18.5CM)

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to high demand!