"Great product. my husband injured his lower back/tailbone area and was in pain whenever he sat down. this pillow works great and doesnt hurt when he sits on it. worth every penny! we have had it about 6 months now and it still works great. also cats love it too for some reason"   

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Do you have back pain if you sit still for a long time? We solved this problem.
Now, no matter how much you have to sit in one place - the problem of back pain will not bother you.

The SOFTSETᵀᴹ ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT is an excellent addition to any chair to provide extra cushioning and support for your bum. It's great for an office chair, car, stadium seating, or any travel seat.

The SOFTSETᵀᴹ ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT will provide the extra support and cushioning you need. It is also decreasing pressure on the coccyx because of ANATOMIC SHAPE and relief from the pain of sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy back pain, etc. LUMBAR SUPPORT PILLOW relieves lower back pain and pressure if you sit for many hours on a chair.


PAIN IN THE LOINS - Forget it; we have created the perfect set of orthopedic pillows specifically for you

BACKACHE - A set of pillows will help your spine to take the right bend and relieve tension from the back.

FATIGUE - With a set of orthopedic pillow no matter how much time you spend sitting. It will relieve fatigue and allow you to work all day.

MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE COMFORTABLE - On a long journey, on daily trips, in the morning traffic jam - feel relaxed and comfortable everywhere together.

EASY to keep clean as both cushions have a removable, washable seat cover.

Both cushions are a comfortable lift and perfect for taking with you on-the-go for maximum comfort and support while traveling.

Non-skid bottom design - SOFTSETᵀᴹ ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT will stay put on your seat or chair—no more slip-sliding away.


Zipper removable pillow cover, grid design, breathable comfort, and easy to clean.

✔ Suitable for home, office, car, travel, coffee shop, and so on.

Made of grid fiber cotton and memory foam material, soft and comfortable, the foam can slowly spring back.

The attentive design of hollow space for ventilation increases the air permeability and prevents bacterial propagation.

At the bottom of the seat cushion, antiskid particle design can not easily slide.

✔ The elastic band is designed to hold the lumbar support against slipping; side pockets can be stored at any time for small items.


✔ Material: Memory Foam, Velvet cover. 

✔ 7 Colors for Choose: Black, Blue, Brown, Purple, Pink, Gray, White

✔ Seat Cushion Size: 17.72 * 14.17 * 2.76 inch ( 45 cm * 35cm * 7cm )

✔ Lumbar Support Cushion Size: 12.6 * 12.2 * 3.99 inch ( 32 cm * 31cm * 10cm )

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Back Support Cushion
    • 1 x Memory Foam Seat Pad


    Could it be used in a wheelchair?
    Yes! The cushion is designed to fit any seat easily. Please measure before placing your order.

    Is it washable?
    Yes! It is machine washable.

    Can I use this in a bathtub?
    No! This product is not waterproof and is not suitable for bathtub use.

    What is this product made of?
    This product is made with High-grade Memory Foam and Velvet.

    Does the cushion have a weight limit?
    Yes! It can accommodate up to 250 pounds.

    I travel a lot. Can I bring this with me?
    Yes! Our cushion is lightweight and portable; you can bring it anywhere with you.

    Can this support my lower back?
    Yes! The cushion is made to provide superior orthopedic treatment to your lower back, spinal cord, and vertebrae discs.

    How can I secure them in my seat?
    Easily fasten them around the back of your seat with the elastic straps.

    I sit in the office all day. Will this work for me?
    Yes! Our cushion is designed to reduce pains, aches, and discomfort from sitting all day by sitting.

    Can this help with my coccyx problem?
    Yes! Our cushion provides enhanced lumbar and coccyx support.


    A THE SOFTSETᵀᴹ ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT helps in relieving the constant, nagging pain and comfort. Problems with posture can cause a lot of worries.

    THE SOFTSETᵀᴹ ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT helps that. Get it today and live life pain-free.

    We believe our products are some of the best in the world. To back this up, we provide all customers with a 30-day RISK-FREE warranty.
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